There are many different types of piercings, and they are generally categorized either by the general area of the body they are located, or the way in which they are pierced.  Below is a list of piercings that should cover just about all types of piercings that are out there.  Of course, as soon as I’m done with the list, somebody will go and create a new kind of piercing.  Luckily I keep a close eye on the industry, so I’ll keep updating this list as new piercing types are created.  Each section will also be linked to a page with better pictures and deeper descriptions of the kinds of body piercings.  Please bear with me while I make all of the individual pages for the piercings – it’s a lot of work.  If you would like to, you can help by posting an entry, or sending piercing pics that I can use on this site.

Types of Ear Piercings

Daith piercing isn’t an ear piercing specifically; it’s any piercing of the cartilage which does include all ear piercings, as well nose piercings, et al.

snake bite lip piercing

snake bite lip piercing

Types of Facial Piercings

I’m including everything above the neck here, except the ear.  This includes all types of lip piercings and oral piercings.

Types of Body Piercings

This includes everything from the neck down excluding genital piercings.

  • Belly button
  • Nipple Piercing
  • Surface Piercings
    • Neck Piercing
    • Nape Piercing
    • Clavicle or Collar Bone Piercing
    • Sternum Piercing
    • Cleavage Piercing
    • Wrist Piercing
    • Finger Piercing
    • Nail Piercing
    • Hip Piercing
    • Back Dimple Piercing
    • Nail Piercing
  • Dermal Anchor or Microdermal Piercing

Types of Genital Piercings

Female Genital Piercings

    • Clitoris Piercing
    • VTC or Vertial Clitoral Hood Piercing
    • HTC or Horizontal Clitoral Hood Piercing
    • Triangle Piercing
    • Christina Piercing
    • Isabella Piercing
    • Nefertiti Piercing
    • Fourchette Piercing
    • Princess Albertina Piercing
    • Labia Piercing

Male Genital Piercings

    • Prince Albert Piercing
    • Reverse Prince Albert Piercing
    • Frenum Piercing
    • Guiche Piercing
    • Hafada Piercing
    • Ampallang Piercing
    • Dydoe Piercing
    • Jacob’s Ladder
    • Lorum Piercing
    • Alraram Piercing
    • Apadrayva Piercing

That should just about cover it for our list of the types of piercings.  If I forgot anything, please let me know.

Types of Nose Piercings

There are basically three types of nose piercings. Like many piercings, there are no clever names here. The piercings are simply named after the part of the body that is being pierced. Nostril Piercing – This is a single piercing of the nostril. Either a captive bead ring or special type of nasal stud can be worn in this piercing. Septum Piercing – This is a piercing done through the septum. It is usually done through the fleshy part just below the cartilage. A captive bead ring or bent barbell is the jewelry usually worn in this piercing. Nose Bridge […]

Industrial Piercing

The industrial piercing is a piercing that consists of two piercings in the upper area of the outer cartilage (the helix) of the ear.  A hole is punched in both sides, one in front towards the face, and one towards the back of the head. Jewelry The jewelry used for an industrial ear piercing is a straight barbell which gives it its characteristic look, and is consistant with other names for this piercing which are the “scaffolding piercing” or “construction piercing,” because it resembles the scaffolding at a construction site. Gauge The gauge for industrial piercings usually starts at 14g, […]

Types of Lip Piercings

There are more different types of lip piercings than there are ear piercings.  These are a divided into single piercings, and pairs or sets called “bites.”  Almost all bite piercings are lip piercings.  The exceptions are the venom bites piercing, which is a pair of tongue piercings, and the vampire bites piercing which is a pair of surface piercings done on the neck.  Anyway, this list should cover all of the types of piercings for the lips. Single Lip Piercings Standard Lip Piercing – This is a single piercing done off centered on the lower lip.  A captive bead ring (CBR) […]

Types of Ear Piercings

Despite the fact that the ear is a relatively small part of the body, there are many different types of ear piercings.  The names of ear piercings generally correspond with the anatomical name of the bit of cartilage which is pierced.  To the right, you’ll find a picture that combines the ear piercing places with a little ear anatomy so you can see how they correspond. Here is a list of the different ear piercings.  For all of the ear piercing types, you can follow the link for more information about that specific ear piercing. Lobe - The standard piercing associated […]